Pascal Meier ‒ new head of cardiology at the Kantonsspital Graubünden

Cardiovasc Med. 2019;22:w02019

Published on 12.03.2019

Figure 1
Pascal Meier.
As of September 1, 2018, Pascal Meier (fig. 1) has been appointed as the new head of cardiology at the Kantonsspital Graubünden in Switzerland.
Originally from Olten in the canton of Solothurn, Pascal Meier trained in cardiology at the Inselspital Bern and at the University of Michigan in the U.S.A. Thereafter he worked internationally as a cardiologist, first at Yale Medical School and then at University College London, before he returned to Switzerland as consultant in cardiology at the University Hospital Geneva. Thereafter, he again moved to the United Kingdom as consultant in interventional cardiology at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, where he continues to work as an honorary consultant.
Since August 2018 he has led the cardiology unit at the Kantonsspital Graubünden in Chur, which icovers the whole of South East Switzerland, including Davos where the annual Cardiology Update is held; he acted as a faculty member at this year’s event between 16 and 20 February 2019.