Swiss Amgen Cardiology Research Award 2020

Official communications
Cardiovasc Med. 2020;23:w02087

Published on 28.02.2020

An Official Scientific Prize of the Swiss Society of Cardiology

Rules for Entry:
  1. The Swiss Amgen Cardiology Research Award is awarded for original research work in cardiovascular disease.
  2. Prizes may be awarded for one or more research projects (to a maximum of three) provided that they are connected.
  3. The manuscripts should be published or accepted for publication in a recognised peer-reviewed journal. Consideration can be given only to work published in the year in which the prize is awarded or in the years immediately preceding or following it.
  4. Applicants should be the principal author of the work being submitted. Should several works be submitted, the applicant should be the principal author of at least one of them.
  5. Applicants must be under 40 years of age on the deadline for submission. They must be Swiss citizens or working in Switzerland. Swiss citizens may also submit work carried out abroad provided that they are working in Switzerland at the time of the award.
  6. The prize will be awarded annually by the Swiss Society of Cardiology together with Amgen Switzerland AG, normally on the occasion of the Annual Conference, but exceptionally at another event sponsored by the Society.
  7. The prize winners will be selected by a prize jury whose members will be nominated by the Swiss Society of Cardiology. The jury will consist of a chairman, representatives of all Swiss universities, some members of the board of the Swiss Society of Cardiology as well as international experts. Members of the jury will be elected for four years and may be re-elected. Amgen Switzerland AG will delegate one scientific collaborator to be a jury member.
  8. The prize will be CHF 30,000, donated by Amgen Switzerland AG.
  9. The prize winner undertakes to use the prize money of CHF 30,000 exclusively to continue his or her research. The money may be used for salaries, equipment or disposable materials.
Applications should be submitted by March 30, 2020, by e-mail to: info[at]
Further information:
Swiss Society of Cardiology
Karin Guldenfels
Dufourstrasse 30
CH-3005 Bern