New editor-in-chief of the European Heart Journal 2020

Cardiovasc Med. 2020;23:w02122

Published on 29.08.2020

The first edition of the European Heart Journal appeared in January 1980, as a monthly scientific magazine with Desmond Julian as its first editor, followed by Henri Kulbertus from Liege, Belgium, Kim Fox, from London, UK and Frans Van De Werf from Leuven University, Belgium. In 2009, Thomas F. Lüscher, then from Zurich, now London, took over as the fifth editor of the European Heart Journal with the vision “The European Heart Journal Goes Global” [1]. With this strategy, numerous editors from around the world were invited to participate in the editorial process, in particular, from the US Bernard Gersch from the Mayo Clinic, and Marc Pfeffer, Scott Solomon and Christopher Cannon from Harvard University, Boston, as well as Hiroaki Shimokawa from Sendai, Japan, David Celermajer from Sydney, Australia and Runlin Gao from Beijing, China, to mention just a few. With this team, the editor-in-chief set new standards of scientific publishing and improved the quality of the published manuscripts [2].
Also, the content of the European Heart Journal was expanded with a news section, CardioPulse run by Dr Andros Tofield, and soon the journal was published weekly with reviews, original research, editorials, CardioVascular Flashlights and more recently a Discussion Forum for its readers.
Furthermore, the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) journal family (fig. 1) was established, with transfer of manuscripts from the European Heart Journal to specialty journals. This allowed authors of papers considered by the editor-in-chief to be better suited to a specialty journal to transfer their manuscripts, with the existing reviews and without new formatting, to either Europace, the European Journal of Heart Failure or any other member of the ESC journal family. Over the years, the number of titles increased substantially, with new journals on acute cardiac care, pharmacotherapy, quality of care and, most recently, digital health. In addition, the appearance of the ESC journals underwent a significant change, with a new design reflecting corporate identity.
Figure 1
The ESC journal family.
The journal and its specialty sisters became available on iPhone and iPad, and views and downloads increased from 1 million to an estimated 12 million per year. The impact factor of the European Heart Journal and all the other members of the ESC journal family increased substantially (table 1). For the younger readers, a Twitter editor was hired and the editor-in-chief also regularly tweets about the content of each issue of the journal (the weekly Issue@aGlance), more recently with video summaries. Indeed, the Twitter editor, Ricardo Ladeiras Lopes, performed a randomised trial showing that tweeting on articles increases citations [3].
Table 1
Bibliometric data of the ESC journal family. IF = Impact Factor.
Eur Heart J3’200 (4000)7’680’09128.848 (24.122) 
Cardiovascular Res1’250 (1’500)   
Eur J Heart Fail1’419 (1’920)1’200’00012.129 (11.4) 
EuroPace1’400 (1’500)656’451  
EHJ CV Imaging1’1001’120’2005.260 
Eur J Prev Cardiol1’658 (2’688)566’035  
EHJ CV Pharmac520 (600)129’0006.723 
EHJ QCCA172 (300)84’000Estimated IF 3.7
EHJ ACVC347 (700)95’000  
EHJ CV Nursing506244’9992.479 
EHJ Supplements13 issues1.321 
EHJ Case Reports570 (1’100)153’160  
EuroIntervention  4.02 
ESC Heart Failure300 (580)200’0003.407 
eJournal Cardiology50n.a.n.a.Weekly one article
Thus, in summary, in the last decade the European Heart Journal was completely transformed into one of the leading journals in cardiovascular medicine world-wide and is now ready to be run by a new editor-in-chief. After a difficult selection process, the Search Committee decided to nominate Filippo Crea from Rome, Italy to become the new editor-in-chief from 1 September 2020. Filippo Crea has worked closely with Thomas F. Lüscher since January to assure a smooth transition from one editor to the next. Also, the editorial managers of the European Heart Journal, Amelia Meier, Susannah Dedecke and Johanna Huggler from the Zurich Heart House will continue to work with the new editor to assure sustainability of the current quality of the journal.
Science is built on trust, but nor all authors deserve it. Very rarely overall, but nonetheless importantly, the editors have had to deal with accusations, questions, whistleblowers and other individuals who rightly or wrongly felt that scientific fraud might be involved in submitted or even in published work [4] As a consequence, the editor-in-chief created the ESC Journals Ethics Committee chaired by Maarten Simoons from Rotterdam, Kim Fox from London and Christian Hamm from Bad Nauheim. Later, to expand the expertise to basic science, Ursula Ravens, David Garcia-Dorado, who sadly passed away in 2019, and Mat Daemen joined the team. Unfortunately, this committee became increasingly busy over time, but it did an exceptional job in solving delicate issues with good judgement as well as high ethical standards [5].
With this short feature, the current editor-in-chief, Thomas F. Lüscher, would like to thank in particular the editors in Switzerland who were involved from the very start of his editorship and were crucial, as were Swiss reviewers, for the tremendous success of the European Heart Journal, which allowed it to grow to its current stature (table 2).
Table 2
Swiss editors of the European Heart Journal from 2009–2020.
NameSiteArea of expertise
Lukas AltweggSt Clara BaselInterventional cardiology
Corinna BrunckhorstUSZ ZurichArrhythmias
Giovanni G. CamiciUZH ZurichBasic science, stroke
Francesco CosentinoKarolinksa, StockhomDiabetes
Sarah CostantinoUZH ZurichBasic science
Firat DuruUSZ ZurichArrhythmias
Oliver GämperliHirslanden ZurichImaging, interventional cardiology
Urs ErikssonGZO WetzikonMyocarditis
Andreas FlammerUSZ ZurichHeart failure
Johannes HolzmeisterZurichDevices
Peter JüniUniversity of TorontoStatistics, metanalysis
Philipp A. KaufmannUSZ ZurichImaging
Ulf LandmesserCharité BerlinInterventional cardiology
Luca LiberaleUZH ZurichBasic science, stroke
Willibald MaierUSZ ZurichInterventional cardiology
Robert MankaUSZ ZurichImaging
Martin MeyerUSZ ZurichProduction
Christian M. MatterUSZ ZurichBasic science
Christian MuellerUniversity BaselBiomarkers, ACS
Fabian NietlispachHirslanden ZurichInterventional cardiology
Francesco PaneniUZH ZurichBasic science
Aju PazhenkottilUSZ ZurichImaging
Lorenz RäberInselspital BernInterventional cardiology
Frank RuschitzkaUSZ ZurichHeart failure
Christian SchmiedUSZ ZurichSport medicine
Simon F. StämpfliKS LuzernEchocardiography
Jan SteffelUSZ ZurichArrhythmias
Felix TannerUSZ ZurichEchocardiography
Christian TemplinUSZ ZurichInterventional cardiology
Ludwig von SegesserCHUV LausanneCardiovascular surgery
ACS = Acute coronary syndromes; GZO = Gesundheitszentrum Zurich Ost; KS = Kantonsspital; USZ = University Hospital Zurich; UZH = Centre for Molecular Cardiology, University of Zurich
Not least, the success of the European Heart Journal is in large parts thanks to an amazing editorial team with the lead editorial manager Amelia Meier and her team (fig. 2)
Figure 2
The energetic team of editorial managers of the European Heart Journal (from left to right: Stine Thomsen, Amelia Meier-Batschelet (lead), Susanne Dedecke, Maike Harder, Johanna Huggler, Jeannine Felber).
As such the European Heart Journal, transformed into a leading journal in cardiovascular medicine over more than a decade, is ready to be handed over as of 1 September 2020 to the new editor-in-chief Filippo Crea from Rome, a distinguished scientist and clinician with experience, as he has been one of the best associate editors of the journal (fig. 3).
Figure 3
Change in editorship.
Correspondence:, Professor Thomas F. Lüscher, Zurich Heart House, Hottingerstrasse 14, CH-8008 Zurich, cardio[at]
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